Things are coming together

Dust of Dreams - Steven Erikson

This was rough to read.  It was full of characters I like, and everything was promising to lead somewhere big, and I am excited to see what's going to happen.  I am enjoying seeing the Bone Hunters again, and happy that Brys Beddict has a decent sized role in this book.


There were other characters I like, but I was less happy about the direction their story took.  Typically, the tragedies in these books have a great deal of meaning.  But in this case, some terrible things happen, leading to some failures, followed by more terrible things.  It was just painful, and it's why this book is rated three stars instead of four.  But I don't think that's much of a spoiler.  If you're up to book nine in the Malazan series, you are already aware that bad things happen sometimes.


This story took place on the Letheras side of things, so we did not get to hear from such characters as Karsa Orlong, the remaining Bridgeburners, Kruppe. I also would love to see the Redeemer again, just because I'm quite attached to him. I am wondering what they're all up to during this time.  That said, at least the first half of this book took place some time before the end of the previous book.  Events from Toll the Hounds are felt by just about everyone, about half-way through.  


One of the plot threads I found surprisingly compelling was that of Kalyth, Destriant to the K'Chain Che'Malle.  I was surprised to find myself actually caring about those creatures that, up through this book, I've mainly perceived to be just unpredictable killing machines.


There was satisfaction with the ending.  Aside from a couple of characters' stories, I really feel everything is happening the way it ought to.