Loved the opening

Autumn Bones - Jacqueline Carey

I was wanting something not too heavy to read, and I remembered having read the first book in this series quite a while ago.  I remember being very unenthusiastic about the main love interest that was established in that book, which led to my dragging my feet with regard to reading this one.  I may discuss some spoilers from the previous book,and some minor things that come out very early on in this one.  I will avoid anything major.


The story began with a satyr showing up at a night club and causing some problems that had me laughing out loud, and really glad I'd finally gotten around to reading this.  I also found that while Sinclair still just bores me to tears, the other love interests may not be out of the picture. Daisy seems to be infatuated with all three potential love interests, every bit as much as she was in book one.  Her decision to date Sinclair doesn't seem to have turned her away from Stefan or Cody.  I admit that I immediately began hoping that Sinclair would go away.


Unfortunately for me, this book had a LOT of Sinclair in it.  If you like Sinclair, you're in luck!  And I don't dislike him.  There was a new character introduced whom I do like quite a bit, and that's Lee, basically a computer genius, video game designer.  He's not as ridiculously good looking as the love interests, and feels much more, well, human. 


There were some interesting developments with the plot and regarding Daisy's love life by the end.  There are a lot of unresolved issues.  This one also ended abruptly enough that I immediately downloaded the next one.  This installment is also a bit steamier than the previous book, which might make fans of the Kushiel series happy.


For what it's worth, I'm on Team Stefan.