a look into the hidden ugliness

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

I enjoyed this book more than Gone Girl.  I found the main character easier to sympathize with than in those books, although she had her own serious, self-destructive issues.  She was a complicated, interesting character.


I've come to expect surprises from this author, and there were some.  But having read some of her work before, I came in expecting things to not be the way they appeared, and trying to piece together the mystery from the beginning.  I guessed correctly on a number of points, but I was provided the tools to piece the story together.  That's another thing I appreciate about this author.


This particular book is about a reporter returning to her home town to write a story about a child who'd been murdered, and another who had gone missing.  She was reluctant to return home, and the reasons why become very clear as the story unfolds.  Near the half-way I found myself shocked and horrified by each new revelation and interaction.


The story left me feeling drained and a little bit sick, but I believe that it ended the way it needed to, and I feel the way I'm meant to feel about it.