Maybe a little exaggerated

Bellwether - Connie Willis

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Each section starts with a description of the history behind a particular fad.  The main character is a sociologist who is studying fads, trying to get to the bottom of what causes them.


I hadn't realized the author was from Colorado, but it makes me irrationally happy to read stories that occur in places familiar to me.  Her descriptions of the Pearl Street Mall were pretty accurate, although the restaurants and shops were fabricated.


I liked the narrator, and I really liked the character of Bennett, right from the moment he was introduced.  I enjoyed their interactions, and that was really the main thing that kept my attention and pulled me along from start to finish.


One thing that bugged me a little bit was the fact that most of the other characters, aside from a handful, were more like caricatures than complex people.  If I consider them to be somewhat satirical, I can accept it, but it did stretch my ability to suspend disbelief when it seemed like most of the world was populated by incredibly rude airheads.  I do admit that this was somewhat necessary in order to tell the story that is told here.


I loved it, overall.  I like a little bit of love story, which this had.  It had humor, and plenty of it.  And it had some unexpected revelations near the end that I didn't piece together until right before they were revealed.  Aside from some exaggerated characterizations, it was just about perfect.