The Bone Flower Throne - T.L. Morganfield

This book manages to be very different from what I usually prefer to read, and also very much what I do tend to read.  It had elements of high fantasy, with a great deal of magic, although also far more intervention from the gods than in anything else I've read, with the exception of perhaps the Malazan book of the Fallen series.  And this book is not just fantasy, of course.  It is based on mythology, on the beliefs of real people, and it is mythology I know little about.


I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was hoping for some romance, and there is some element of that in here, although not in a way that is like what I'm used to at all.  I'm really unused to reading so much interaction with the divine, and I admit there is a reason I don't prefer to read Christian literature.  But I enjoy other religions and liked learning about it.  I do not know the story this is based on, so I did not know what to expect, and I found the events were not predictable at all.


The book began when the main character was seven, and she was written very much like a seven year old, complete with the impulse control one would expect of a seven year old.  She was not overly childish or overly mature, as is often the case when authors write about small children.  


One issue I had was that I felt I had gotten to know the main character very well, but I didn't ever get to feel terribly close to any of the other characters.  I'm hoping that will develop a little more strongly as the series continues.  I also started feeling mentally exhausted by the end of the book because everything kept going from one crisis after another, with little room for breath or more relaxed exploration of the characters.  I admit that action is not one of my favorite things.  I'm far more interested in dialogues than sword fights.


Every time I sat down to read this, though, I found myself engrossed.  Whatever minor issues I had, I just had to know what would happen next, and this is why I sat down last night, about half-way through the book, intending to read a chapter before bed, but instead found myself awake until two in the morning, finishing the book entirely.  The story draws you in and grabs you, and that's the most important thing, isn't it?


For the sake of full disclosure, I met this author once via a Grey Havens Group event.  I don't know her personally, but she is local to me and chances are good that I will meet her again some day.