I related to far more than I expected

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir - Felicia Day

I don't read many memoirs.  I usually prefer fiction.  I was looking for something light-hearted to read in between heavier books, and was expecting something fairly humorous and mostly fluffy. I like Felicia Day.  Like many people, I think she's really cute.  I like the acting she's done, and I like watching her book discussions with her Vaginal Fantasy book club.  I liked the Dragon Age 2 expansion that had a character played by her who also looked exactly like her; it felt like I was actually running around doing a quest with Felicia Day.


I didn't expect to relate to so much of this.  Aside from being gamers, and not really the same kind of gamers, I don't generally expect to have a lot in common with many celebrities.  But in this book she was candid about a lot of anxiety and depression, and having a complete lack of motivation to get things done that she wanted and needed to do.  This hit me very close to home.  There was more than that, which I related to, but this review isn't about ME.  


A lot of it was humorous, as I expected.  Some of the style didn't quite work for me, like the number of sentences ending in "ha."  But mostly I enjoyed it.  It was written the way she speaks, which is great for hearing her in your head.  


A lot of it was surprisingly moving.  I intend to take her motivational advice to heart.  I was surprised to find myself wiping away tears when she brought up a young woman who'd had breast cancer, who she'd unknowingly helped raise the funds to pay for her medical bills.  I'm still tearing up even thinking about that again.  I felt enormous empathy when she talked about gamergate and her experiences with 4chan and online trolls.  


I think I've taken away some good things from this book that I can remind myself to do better things with my life.  I bet she didn't even intend it to be for self help.