Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel - Jeffrey Cranor, Joseph Fink

I'm a big fan of Welcome to Night Vale, the podcast.  I was able to go to a live show last month and had such a great time.  


The book was fun.  There were a lot of moments that really made me laugh.  I did feel like the absurdity in the book, which works so well in the podcast, had trouble holding my attention in the novel.  I think it would have worked better as a short story.  There were a lot of moments in the book in which I was really attached to what was happening, and needed to know what would happen next, but then they tended to be followed with sections I had trouble immersing myself in.  My mind would wander and I had trouble motivating myself to stick with it.


It is an enjoyable story, and I absolutely recommend it to all fans of Welcome to Night Vale.  If you're unfamiliar with it, I'm not as sure you would enjoy this.  I would suggest you check out the free podcast and then decide.