Now I get it

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn was pretty good, but I didn't get extremely excited about it.  This, however, was so much better.  I feel like I finally understand why people are so impressed with Brandon Sanderson.


I wasn't sure about this when I read the prologue.  It was just very surreal and confusing, but once I got to the main protagonists, I was absolutely engrossed.  All of the characters are so complex and human.  All of them struggle with notions of right and wrong in situations in which the answers really are often unclear.  The world-building was also really vivid and detailed.


The story mainly focuses on Kaladin.  Every section includes him.  The other characters are not in every section of the book.  I really got attached to him, and to everyone else.  I really liked Dalinar, as well, although he was the sort of honorable person that just made me worry throughout the book, hoping he would not share the same fate as Eddard Stark.  Adolin was all right.  Younger and not quite as smart as his father, but generally decent.  Shallan's sections were far less action-packed but were still also some of the most interesting.


There were only a couple of minor problems I had, reading this.  In between each section was an interlude, focusing on Szeth, and two other different characters that played no direct part in the story.  I found Szeth's story fascinating, but I could not have cared less about the others.  Getting to these interludes killed my reading momentum.  I would be sitting there for hours reading about the main characters above, and then I'd hit an interlude and just set the book down.  I wound up skimming most of these, if they did not involve Szeth.


There were a few more typographical errors than I would expect to see in a traditionally published book.  It was occasionally distracting.  Maybe it's just in the kindle version, and maybe it will be improved later.  I don't know.


The complaints I have are minor.  This was an excellent fantasy novel, and it feels as though I've only hit the tip of the iceberg as far as what is going on in that world.