Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

This book was a lot of fun to read, although it doesn't quite compare with Sanderson's Stormlight Archive books. This is very different from his epic fantasy, set in a version of our own world, after people began developing super-powers. Unfortunately, everyone with super powers became violent sociopaths. So, there's your premise. 


The main character was fairly likable. He's smart and creative, but also awkward, with a love of metaphors while at the same time being terrible at him. His metaphors are half the fun of reading this. I was entertained, although it wasn't as enjoyable as Sanderson's epic fantasy. It moved fairly fast, although my motivation was not that great to keep at it for parts of it. I also felt that some of the character's observations about Megan were more the author telling me she was acting a certain way, more than really showing me. It felt like cheating, and I wasn't necessarily seeing what the main character was seeing.


The ending is what really made the book worth it. It introduced a lot more depth to all of the characters who were previously somewhat one-dimensional. There were some aspects I predicted, but for the most part the twists were completely unexpected, and they were game-changers. The ending changed my lukewarm opinion about the book, so that I enthusiastically moved on to the second.