Fascinating mythology

The Killing Moon - N.K. Jemisin

I loved the setting and the mythology in this book. The belief systems were so complex and something I found I could empathize with from both different perspectives that she portrayed. The entire religion surrounding the practice of euthanasia, and all the arguments surrounding that were very well-done.


The antagonist was very complex and human. I could understand their reasoning for the things they did, be frightened of them while still feeling moved by their loved ones. The book absolutely had one of the more compelling antagonists I've seen in a series.


The protagonists were not quite as interesting to me as the antagonist. I did not have the attachment to any of these characters that I did to the characters in the Inheritance trilogy. Ehiru was probably my favorite of them. I just never felt as attached to Sunandi or Nijiri. As a result, my reading of this book went fairly slowly. I went through the Inheritance trilogy really quickly, but this took me a long time. I had trouble getting sucked in, until near the end.


I enjoyed the ending, felt it was the right ending for the characters. it was sad in parts, although I cannot say it brought me to tears, which is something I've come to expect of this author. Still, I loved the setting and would love to read more about this world.