Blood in Elk Creek - Rachael Acks I think this is my favorite of Captain Ramos's adventures so far. I felt a stronger sense of urgency in this than in any of the other stories. Even in 'The Ugly Tin Orrery,' when Ramos was captured, I wasn't particularly worried. I knew she'd get out of it somehow. Ramos's situation in this story was so dire to start out that I really wasn't sure how she could possibly come out of it alive. It was refreshing to actually see her fallible, without falling into actually rendering her helpless. Even in the most dire circumstances, she keeps a level head and works with the tools she has available to her.

I enjoyed seeing more of Geoffrey Douglas. I thought he was even starting to grow on me and I might be beginning to like him a little. I'd really disliked him in 'Murder on the Titania.' He came across as very decent and even relatable in this, until later, in which I realized that on top of being a chauvinist, he's also a little bit racist.

Ramos, however, is always awesome. And I do enjoy the way she interacts with Geoffrey, as well as the contrast between them in general. There was good character development in here on both their parts, again, moreso than in any of the past installments.

As always, I highly recommend.