Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas - John Scalzi This is the first book I've read by John Scalzi. I'd been wanting to for quite a while, because I've read blog posts of his, and I enjoyed his poses from fantasy novel covers along with Jim Hines. So, I was really excited to finally get around to reading something of his.

When I initially began this book, I think I became infatuated with it. I'd just come off another book that was really heavy, so the humor and silliness in this was exactly what I needed. I found it a pure delight to read, often laughing out loud and having to explain myself to those around me. I found Dahl likable right away. His back story was interesting. I enjoyed his flirtation with Duvall. I found the other ensigns promising as well.

The problem was that they weren't really developed very far beyond that. Their names were often confusing, because the author did not bother to avoid using names that began with the same letter. Duvall and Dahl, Hanson and Hester. And unfortunately, while they had what I considered to be promising back stories, their personalities weren't really distinct at all.

Characters are a really important factor to me in reading, so this, overall, left me feeling disappointed. But still, the book did make me laugh, and that's worth something.