Thirteen - Kelley Armstrong I really wanted to enjoy this "final" book in the series. I've felt the author's last few books didn't come close to the excellent quality of her first few, but I've grown so attached to her characters.

One of the things she does well is write a love story. I feel these last few books really failed to deliver on that. First of all, the romance took a back seat to the action in this book. There was so much action, and it was really at the expense of character development. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't read Kelley Armstrong for the action sequences. It was incredibly frustrating as Savannah spent half the book wanting to just get to talk to Adam, and being prevented by one crisis after another, or orders for them to work in separate areas. When she finally does get to talk with Adam, it amounted to a few lines, and that was it. There was no real development of this relationship in the context of the books. And the sex scene was not there. Ms. Armstrong used to write detailed love scenes. I remember Clay and Elena getting hot and heavy while feeding each other bites of ham, in one book. What happened? I'm not clear why she's decided to move away from the precedent she had set for this series. It's something fans have come to expect here.

Another thing about the romance is that I was never particularly comfortable with Savannah and Adam together. Having known Savannah since she was a child, while Adam was an adult in his early twenties, that just does not sit right to me. I would have preferred seeing her really grow up, move on and set aside her crush as an aspect of her childhood, and find a relationship with someone new. I had hoped that might be what was happening in 'Waking the Witch,' but unfortunately that didn't work out.

Overall, I'm incredibly disappointed with this book. She sacrificed character development for action, and seems to have forgotten what she used to be so incredibly good at.