The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer, #2) - Brent Weeks I'm so frustrated with the ending of this book. I've read a statement from the author that the next book is coming along well, but it's not going to be finished any time this year. I hate it when I read cliff-hanger endings and then can't immediately begin the next book. I am beginning to understand why many people just refuse to start reading incomplete series.

The entire book was very intense. It felt as if it was almost all climax, which meant I read it a lot more quickly than I otherwise would have. I can't sleep if characters are in mortal danger or something bad has just happened. The other is very skilled at keeping things exciting. I also really enjoy the interactions between the characters. They are well-developed, very complex people. You can see even with supporting characters that they have a lot more going on than we're shown. It's very tip-of-the-iceberg.

I had wondered if this book would have as many surprises as the previous book, which gradually revealed details of the characters' pasts throughout the story. But with all those secrets already out, I wondered how this one would measure up. Well, there were plenty more surprises, not necessarily about Gavin's or Karris's pasts, but about the supporting characters and other aspects in their lives. There are still plenty of questions remaining.

A somewhat odd criticism perhaps, but it seems to me that the author has an almost juvenile fascination with breasts. He focuses on them a little bit too much. Kip often accidentally looks at someone's breasts and gets caught, which would be fine with me, considering he's an awkward teenager. But Gavin Guile doing it seems just silly to me. He's a man in his thirties. And he does it a lot. He looked at her breasts. Oops. There is also more reference than necessary to Teia's flat chest. I don't need to be reminded repeatedly, really. And combat training about women needing to bind their breasts to keep them from getting in the way while using a bow. It's a little bit much, as I said.

Overall, an enjoyable book. The plot is complex, and while the villains are undoubtedly very bad and monstrous, they have some points that seem valid. The Chromeria is corrupt, and I'm not completely comfortable rooting for them. I look forward to the next book.