Dark Currents: Agent of Hel - Jacqueline Carey This was fun and easy to get into, although not really up to the standard she's set with some of her other work. I admit I was expecting there to be a love story in here, because every one of other books other than her Sundering duology has had one. It's something she's extremely good at, and it's hard to find that in many places, so I was a little disappointed in there. It's clear there are romantic interests, and things will likely develop more as the series progresses.

As characters go, Cody and Stefan were interesting, as was her friend Jen. I couldn't be more bored with Sinclair, and am dreading having to put up with him in the next book.

There was some repetition of language that got on my nerves a bit. I got rather tired of reading the word "gah!" again and again. I also got a little tired of people calling the main character, "Daisy Baby." I think Saints Astray ruined me for "baby" and if I never read it again, it'll be too soon. This detracted from things for me a bit.

Overall, it was enjoyable anyway, and I'll still pick up the sequel, and probably anything else the author decides to come out with.