Shadowfell (Shadowfell, #1) - Juliet Marillier There are certain things I can always count on from Juliet Marillier. A strong female protagonist. Not necessarily physically strong, but in conviction, and usually with some talent that turns out to be of value. Marillier doesn't write about women with swords. Another thing I can always count on with her writing is a good love story.

This has all of those things. It was immediately engaging, opening up with the main character, Neryn, being literally gambled away by her drunken father. She and her father were on the run from authority because of Neryn's talent to see the Good Folk. I can't resist a good fairy story, particularly one from this author.

The love interest was obvious right from the start, but he was also immediately compelling. He's mysterious, not very trusting, but he demonstrates kindness. The main character also has difficulty trusting people, which is entirely understandable based on her circumstances.

I particularly enjoyed Marillier's portrayal of the Good Folk. She knows her folk lore well.

Neryn is an extremely stubborn character, and that did get on my nerves a little bit, even though it did make sense given her experiences. I did also find some of the writing with the Irish accents a little bit clunky to follow. When the entire story takes place in a version of Ireland, I also thought it seemed inconsistent.

Good story overall. I look forward to reading the next installment, and I'm imagining all sorts of possibilities as to what may happen next.