Twixt Firelight and Water (Sevenwaters, #5.5) - Juliet Marillier I really enjoyed the story of Fiacha's background. It was incredibly poignant and brought to mind Juliet Marillier's older stories, that were so incredibly moving and tragic. I loved Conri immediately.

I did not feel as much care was taken with Aisha. I didn't really get a good feel for her as a character. I would have liked to, but there just wasn't enough there for a short story. I know because I'm told, rather than shown, that she is a formidable, strong woman. Exactly like pretty much every other woman in the Sevenwaters family. I really would have liked to see her developed more, and see more play out from her interactions with Conri.

Still, Conri's story alone was moving enough that it's worth the read.