Saints Astray - Jacqueline Carey, Susan Ericksen I took a long time with this one, because honestly, I was a little bit bored with it. I really enjoyed Santa Olivia, but with this one, there hardly seemed to be any conflict at all. Pilar and Loup got along wonderfully, absolutely, completely over the conflict they had in the previous book, completely madly in love. I couldn't have been more bored with the romance in this one, and Jacqueline Carey usually tells a fantastic love story. I think back to Phedre and Joscelin, Imriel and Sidonie, Moirin and Bao, and Moirin and Jehanne, and I just don't understand why she so utterly failed to give Pilar and Loup any challenges at all.

Anybody who disliked the main characters was wrong, disliking them for their own reasons that weren't remotely either of their fault, and they generally got over it. Anybody who had a right to be upset with them about anything was very gracious and forgiving. I felt like in Santa Olivia that the characters were very human and flawed, but not so much in this book. We know they HAVE flaws, but none of those flaws matter. Loup not being able to feel fear should be a pretty big flaw that could get her into a lot of trouble. And that would have been interesting! For instance, I would have LOVED to read a book from Pilar's perspective, in which Loup got herself into more trouble than she could handle, and it's up to Pilar to save Loup, without having any super powers at all. But that is not this book. They did everything right. They got along perfectly. Problems arose, and they were all dealt with effortlessly. The one and only real danger to Loup was one that was entirely out of her hands, where she had to sit around and wait for other people to deal with it.

I'm not sure I'm going to bother if there is another book in this series.