The Dragon's Path - Daniel Abraham I loved this. Right from the beginning, when it introduced a mysterious apostate fleeing a cult who worshiped a spider goddess who intended to devour the world, I was hooked.

I particularly enjoyed the characters of Cithrin and Marcus. Geder, I've been unsure of. He actually is a bit scary, and I'm still uncertain exactly what direction his character is going to go. He could easily ultimately become a villain, or maybe in the end an extremely unlikely hero. I could've done without Dawson's perspective. Admittedly, the things going on with him were important, but I absolutely could not stand him as a character. He was a complete bigot. I kept hoping he'd get assassinated.

Overall, I found the book really engaging and a really enjoyable read. There were numerous editing mistakes, though. I hope his editor does a better job with the sequel in that regard. I wanted to take a red pen to it. But despite this, I highly recommend this one.