The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss I really enjoyed the first half of this book. I could barely put it down. I can't even say for sure exactly what it was, but I really enjoy all of the characters, and I enjoy reading about his day-to-day challenges at the University, and his slowly developing relationship with Denna. And I also really enjoy Devi a lot.

And then there's the second half of the book. I just felt like he kept running off on tangents that I simply did not care about. It would've been okay if he didn't just spend SO LONG on them. Ademre was the worst. I was so unbearably bored. And these people are problematic. They don't consider sex to be terribly intimate, and they're totally fine with people having multiple partners. And that's ok. They don't believe in fathers. Which I suppose since they don't practice monogamy, that would make some sense, since they would have difficulty ever identifying who someone's father was. But I don't mean that they don't feel fathers are relevant. I mean they believe that women spontaneously get pregnant for no reason, and that men have nothing to do with it. Apparently they've never noticed the lack of virgin mothers. And they must not practice animal husbandry of any kind. This is just so implausible. I was just so sick of it by the time he finally left there.

Overall, I still enjoyed it.