Living with the Dead - Kelley Armstrong This was definitely the weakest of her books so far. There were too many points of view, and I really disliked the antagonists' perspective. I didn't feel it really added much of anything. It simply filled me with disgust, because there was absolutely nothing redeemable about Adele, and she was just completely abhorrent.

Robyn was okay, but not that great for a character either. I started out okay with her, but I had to write her off as stupid in the beginning, when Portia was murdered. (Is it a spoiler to reveal a detail that's already on the back of the book?) Okay, she sees someone run out the door, and then finds Portia, still alive, and then Portia dies. I would think a normal person would try to get 911 to talk them through, I don't know, CPR. Because sometimes people can be revived. Robyn's reaction was, oh well, too late for her, but maybe I can catch the murderer! I could not get past this. It made me want to slap her, several times over. Maybe the fact that I'm married to someone in law enforcement worsens this, but I could not suspend my disbelief that the character is supposedly smart.

I did enjoy Hope's perspective. It really moved her forward as a character, and I was pleased with it. I also enjoyed Finn a great deal. I hope there will be more of him in later books. And I liked the way things came together at the end of the book, and the implications Hope was contemplating were very intriguing. So, overall an enjoyable read, but I'd say if you pick it up, just skip the Adele chapters. You'll save yourself some urge to vomit.