Seer of Sevenwaters - Juliet Marillier I love Juliet Marillier, and I love her Sevenwaters books. But this one, it just wasn't as strong as her others. I didn't really feel the love story, or particularly care about it, and I usually do in her books. I was very interested in the story with one of the supporting characters, Svala, however.

I thought it took a long time for the main character to figure out things I thought were obvious. Like that Knut was a lying bastard and that Svala was not his wife, but clearly someone he'd abducted and was keeping against her will. Sibeal, the main character, is a Seer, and it just drove me crazy that it took her forever to figure this out. I was also annoyed, when they finally decided they needed to go on this mission, to rescue possible survivors exiled on an island. The island was Svala's home and she wanted to return. Repeatedly, several people said that the mission had no point at all if these survivors turned out to have died before they get there. Because apparently Svala didn't actually matter to anyone at all. It really made me rather angry, actually, that no one really was advocating for her. She was an afterthought throughout the entire book.

As I said, the love story was weak, and overstated. It was told, repeatedly, rather than shown.

One thing I did enjoy, though, was seeing more of Clodagh and Cathal again. I got really attached to them in the previous book. I was actually really worried the author was going to do something horrible to them. But it looks like she's setting them up for future sequels, and I'm far more interested in their lives than in ever reading about Sibeal again. So, I'll keep buying Juliet Marillier's books forever and ever. I forgive her for writing one weak installment.