Broken  - Kelley Armstrong I enjoyed this one. It's interesting reading a main character who is pregnant while I am. It actually was frustrating the hell out of me how overprotective everyone was of her. I wouldn't have stood for it at all. But she's a werewolf and you just DON'T defy your Alpha.

I liked the new character, Zoe, quite a bit, and really would love to see more of her. I was frustrated with the actual plot, though, because I found it painfully obvious who the bad guy was, and no one was even suspicious of the guy. And it made no sense. I just can't stand seeing characters dumbed down in order to not give away what's supposed to be a big surprise, but really isn't a surprise at all. They're supposed to be intelligent. It's a big failure on an author's part when this happens. It still gets four stars because of overall enjoyability, but I really hope she does better with her other books as far as this goes.