Across the Nightingale Floor - Lian Hearn I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. The story was engrossing and I found the main characters likable, and it's nice to read a fantasy story in an eastern culture for a change.

The reason for so few stars was really the fact that it concluded by doing the opposite of every single outcome I wanted in the book. It killed off characters I really would've preferred to survive. I think a character's death that makes the story more complex and interesting is a good way to go, and one character death at least did that. But there were others that were simply disappointing, and IMHO, did nothing but disappoint; they added nothing to the story.

The main character was hindered from pursuing his quest at a crucial moment, resulting in deaths of people he cared about. Then he gets to go finish his quest, and goes off with the same people who screwed him over and caused his loved ones' death. Because he felt he had no choice, and he felt honor bound to do it, even though several people were telling him he really wasn't. That really bothered the hell out of me. I really disliked the outcome of this story.

I'm still going to read the next one, and hope that things go a little bit better.