The Turning - Jennifer Armintrout I read this to take a break from some of the books whose text is really tiny, because it has been contributing to my headaches. I found these really engaging and overall enjoyable.

As far as sex and violence, there is a lot in common with the Sookie Stackhouse books. But I have to say it's really refreshing to get to read a book about a new vampire, instead of yet another romance between a male vampire and a mortal female. The character was fairly strong, which I appreciate. She did wind up in one or two situations from which she had to be rescued, but in the end she wound up having to do the heroics, so I appreciate that she wasn't just some feisty damsel in distress.

I have to say, the vampires in these books may be the most polarized I've ever seen. On one end, you have these completely sadistic, evil, irredeemable monsters who delight in rape, torture, and murder. On the other, you have the vampires who believe they should all be wiped out as a species. Fans of White Wolf games will understand what I mean when I say that this setting really needs an Anarch Movement!