Godslayer - Jacqueline Carey I loved her Kushiel series. And I knew, getting into these books, that they are essentially Lord of the Rings from the bad guys' point of view. I knew, going in, that this meant it probably wouldn't end well.

I think she did a good job, but the problem is with my personal taste. I cannot stand reading books where the characters do nothing but repeatedly fail at every single thing they do. And that seems to be what these books were about. I know some people must like that sort of thing, otherwise no one would ever read John Steinbeck, but personally I just find that draining.

Personal taste aside, I liked the ideas presented in it. People get upset and are unwilling to listen when their personal paradigm is threatened. If you look at any controversial argument you tend to see that a lot. Especially with regard to religion.

I thought there were too many character points of view. I think I prefer her style in the Kushiel books that focuses on just one person. I admit that I just could not bring myself to care about certain characters, like Dani and his uncle. I wanted to keep reading about Lilias, Tanaros and Cerelinde.

The other thing that bothers me, and I think this was part of her point so it's not necessarily a criticism, is that I don't feel anyone really learned anything. The bad guys' crime was essentially just wanting to live and be left alone. The good guys just refused to accept that, and refused to acknowledge that, basically, "They started it." I wish just one character would have come around to realize that. They were like religious fanatics refusing to see reason. Which I'm sure was the point, but it left me ultimately dissatisfied and depressed. Stories that are a pure exercise in defeat are good for discussion, but I greatly prefer a difficult journey with a happy ending, please.