The Price of Spring (Long Price Quartet) - Daniel Abraham This may have been the best of the four, although I also really loved An Autumn War. Unlike in the previous book, this one focuses entirely on Otah and Maati. They are the only POV characters, because this was really about the two of them. Ultimately, the two of them were what the entire series was really about. I did miss some of the others, particularly Sinja, who had become a favorite of mine, but I still loved this story. I was pleased to see Idaan again. Although I disliked her previously and considered her the least sympathetic villain of the whole series, I like the character she's grown to be. When I read Otah's perspective, I found myself agreeing with the things he was trying to do, with all of his reasoning. When I read Maati's perspective, I found myself agreeing with all the things he was trying to do, with, well, most of his reasoning, anyway. And I became very worried that I was going to be unhappy with the ending, since I cared about both these characters and found myself rooting for them both, and obviously somebody was going to lose. Then came the clear villain. This author makes wonderful villains. I'd have to say Balasar was probably the best villain they've had, but this one is still one you can feel for. I found it to be a satisfying end, and I hope Mr. Abraham has some other project coming in the near future.