The Tyrant's Law (The Dagger and the Coin, #3) - Daniel Abraham First of all, I loved this book.

I'll start with the bad. The editing really could have been better. I ran across missing words now and then, often enough to have noticed it. And that's pretty much all I have for bad stuff.

I admit to a favorable bias toward this author. When I first began this, I was too excited to do more than reread the first couple of sentences, again and again. But once I settled down, I got into it right away. I was worried I might have forgotten what was going on since 'The King's Blood' but it was rather easy to fall back into the world.

Geder is, beyond a doubt, the most terrifying villain I've ever read, because he is so very believable. I can't help imagining any number of guys I rejected, and wondering what they might have done if they had this much power. I have been afraid for Cithrin in this regard since book two.

I have wondered if the author is drawing some parallels to the holocaust in here, with some of the treatment of the Timzinae. It occurred to me early on, and as I read more and more, it just got worse. I also couldn't help thinking of Geder's elusive conspirators as Bush's weapons of mass destruction that never existed. I'm not sure if that's a deliberate allegory of if it's just me seeing that. I also felt Cithrin's story served a purpose of assuring us that the Timzinae are, in fact, people, regardless of claims made otherwise.

I loved the character development in here. Cithrin and Clara went through the biggest changes in this particular book. Marcus and Geder perhaps didn't evolve as much in this particular book, although I would say everyone has changed at least somewhat over the course of the series. I've found myself particularly fond of Yardem. He is perhaps my favorite secondary character, even above Master Kit.

I'd mistakenly assumed this series was a trilogy. I have mixed feelings about having been wrong. I am delighted that there is going to be more, but I also really want to know what happens next right now.

I highly recommend this series to pretty much everyone.