Flame of Sevenwaters (Sevenwaters, #6) - Juliet Marillier This was so much better than Seer of Sevenwaters. Maeve as a point-of-view character was immediately sympathetic, though flawed. She was very complex. She had a great deal of pride combined with a lack of self-confidence. She came in with the belief that she would never marry, due to her disfiguring injuries that she'd suffered as a child. She insisted in this belief despite the fact that it became apparent that none of the other characters shared it. It was the sort of belief that spoke heavily of foreshadowing, of her being proven wrong in the end.

I enjoyed the love story in this one. I'd guessed at it when I was about half-way through reading, and was quite correct. I have to say, though, that I found myself somewhat more attached to Bear as a dog, than Artigan the man. I'm not sure why.

I distrusted Luachan from near the beginning. Again, things were foreshadowed. Maeve found him to be too perfect. He made Finbar keep secrets. He didn't speak of his family. All of these things were red flags. Despite this, I went back and forth as to what I thought, because he came across as genuinely kind. When his motives and reasons behind them were finally revealed, I found it incredibly tragic. I also felt his punishment was overly harsh, since it came out that he acted under duress. I admit, I just found him to be a more interesting character than the actual love interest.

I still enjoyed the story a great deal. I was satisfied with the ending. I was deeply attached to Clodagh and Cathal, and was initially nervous to read this, because I was afraid the two of them would be separated. I was happy with Ciaran's decision in the end, although that, too, was somewhat heart-wrenching.

Overall, this was a satisfying end to the Sevenwaters series. I feel a sense of loss, though, maybe a lot like Ciaran's own, leaving this world behind.