A lovely collection of fantasy stories for children

Elves, Bikes, Unicorns and Other Fantasies - Jacquelyn Wilson

The very first story within this book sets the tone of the rest.  It is from the perspective of a pillowcase, introducing the reader to a world in which all objects are not only sentient, but that they also talk with one another, and are filled with a sense of wonder at the world around them, described in loving detail.


This book creates new folk lore explaining cottonwood trees, why leaves change color in the fall, and much more.  They have the feel of fairy tales, although without so much of the dark aspects seen in many.  For the most part, the lore creates a sense of innocence and beauty, as well as an imaginative glimpse at a hidden, magical world that we humans cannot see.


I am looking forward to reading this book to my five year old.  I believe it is exactly the sort of thing he will enjoy.