Enjoyable Read

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs

I'm still enjoying this series.  I've had people tell me it gets really good after the first few, I think, and I'm definitely seeing a lot of promise in here.  I like the main character, and a lot of the supporting characters.


I find what the author is doing with vampires interesting.  Like many readers, I'm a little burnt out on bloodsucking fiends, and rather appreciate being fairly certain I'm not delving into yet another vampire romance.  Despite that, I do find most of the vampire characters rather compelling.  Except for Marsilia.  I really could do with out her.  She is probably the most boring character in the series.


As far as the romance goes, it's still slow to develop, which is fine.  My only complaint is that I don't feel like there's enough interaction with Adam.  I'd like to see more development between him and Mercy.  I could do without Samuel.  He feels more like a red herring to me than anything else, and thus, I tend to just be annoyed by him.  But Adam I like.  I also like seeing a man with a teenage daughter as a possible love interest, rather than the typical, single twenty-somethings.


I'm not sure I'm thrilled about the religion in the book.  It's a little more heavy-handed than I care for, but not enough to discourage me from continuing on.  I'm also not really pleased with the way Mercy interacts with other female characters, which has overtones of internalized misogyny.  I'm still optimistic that as the character develops, this has a possibility of changing.  I want to see more of Honey.


I'll be moving on to the next one as soon as I have the time. Overall, I find the series thus far enjoyable enough to recommend, though not particularly heavy.