This took an unexpected turn

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson) - Patricia Briggs

I'll admit I've been rather lukewarm about this series.  I haven't been blown away, but I've enjoyed them enough to continue on.  There've been a couple of things that have rubbed me the wrong way.  The main character stating that women tended to dislike her bothered me.  I also am not thrilled with the presence of religion in the books.  Thankfully there isn't very much of it, but I'd prefer not to have to read about it at all.  It doesn't interest me and I don't enjoy it.  I have a little bit of trouble relating to the main character.


So, all that said, I got going in this one expecting, well, more of the same.  Fun plot, interesting side characters, just not quite as much depth as I would like, but enough to keep me interested.  I would still like to see more development with Adam.  For a love interest, he's not present for the majority of any of the books.  I find the fae interesting and enjoy them, and was happy to get to read something that focused more on them.


Events occurred that I really had not predicted.  It was rather darker than I had expected.  But I appreciated that the author was willing to go there.  I have read other series in which I feel as though nothing truly bad happens to the main characters throughout the course of the story.  They escape everything unscathed, if just barely, and their loved ones always survive.  That can be OK, but rather predictable.  After reading this one, I've realized that these books are not "safe."  And that's a good thing.  I will not go into further detail, though, in order to spare you the spoilers.


This installment touched on some feminist concepts that I greatly appreciated.  I also feel the main character is starting to connect with the occasional female character, and I'm glad for that as well.  It helps make up for the bad taste I had from book one.  The social issues that were touched on in here were excellent.  I hadn't actually planned to go on to read book four, but this book changed my mind and encouraged me to keep at it.