I think I like this one the least so far

Reaper's Gale: Book Seven of The Malazan Book of the Fallen - Steven Erikson

A thing that happened at the end has me really angry.  Without outright spoilers, I will say that it's likely to be upsetting to anyone reading it.  And it's easy to guess I'm referring to the death of a great character.  Since characters die in every book, that hardly seems like a spoiler.


There were a number of things I disliked about this one.  First off, major portions of this dragged worse than any of the others.  It was work to force my way through a lot of this.


So much about Reaper's Gale was reminiscent of all the things I've grown to dislike about George R.R. Martin.  There was a lot of rape, torture, and gruesome death.  The author kept introducing new characters, giving them a bit of back story so it looks as though, you know, he's introducing a somewhat promising new character.  And then they die horribly, and that's it.  If this were not an ebook, I would say that is a waste of paper.  It's absolutely a waste of my time.  It adds nothing to the story.  It's just a suckerpunch, and I hate that.  There were a lot of sucker punches in this one.


There were some character arcs that satisfied me.  There was excellent dialogue, particularly whenever Shurq Elalle or Tehol Beddict were involved.  And in between the slow, dragging portions, there tended to be frenzies of action, from which I could not look away.  And then, back to the lull.


Is this still possibly my favorite fantasy series?  Yes.  But I am sorely unhappy with this book, overall.