Reading progress update: I've read 95%.

Rogues - George R.R. Martin

And here is where I quit.  I just don't even have the interest to read George R.R. Martin's story anymore.  I really enjoyed a few of these.  Some didn't really interest me, but Abercrombie's story was a lot of fun.  The second story, by Gillian Flynn, was excellent, and an absolute mind fuck.  I was a little disappointed in the Carrie Vaughn story, just found it rather boring.  The Scott Lynch story was OK.  I enjoyed it, but not my favorite of his.  Neil Gaiman's story did not disappoint.  The Marquis was my favorite character from Neverwhere, and he's pure delight.  'Now Showing' by Connie Willis may very well have been my favorite.  I've never read her before, and will definitely have to look into reading some more by her.  Patrick Rothfuss's story was mostly enjoyable, but I'm just a little bored with the various interchangeable beautiful women whose sole purpose is to sleep with the protagonist.


The stories I didn't mention were the ones that failed to hold my interest and I gave up on them.  This is why I generally don't review anthologies, and I'm not even sure if this counts as a review.