Another cliff hanger ending, naturally

The Broken Eye - Brent Weeks

I was, for some reason, presuming that this series would be a trilogy.  I don't know if I'd been wrong all along, or if the story is just proving to take longer to tie up.


The story follows Gavin, Karris, Kip, Teia, and rarely, Liv Danavis, although there is far more of Kip and Teia than the first two.  I found each of their stories compelling in their own ways, and am eager to see where each character will ultimately wind up. 


There were a few other perspectives, but I felt like those took me more out of the story rather than enhancing it for me.  They were very minor, and whenever I got to them I had a tendency to walk away from the book for a while, completely losing my momentum.


For the most part, though, the story was engaging and kept me going.  To some extent, I think I've started to know this author well enough that I can predict where some of his plot twists are going, but not all of them.  There were some surprising revelations at the end, which definitely seems to be something he's good at with this series.


The ending of the book was a headlong rush of action and tension that kept me in it and wanting more.  Unfortunately, like the previous two books, you can expect another cliff hanger ending.  Also, a couple of pretty big game changers.  I would say that the ending of the book more than made up for any parts that dragged before then.