Not bad

Poison Fruit: Agent of Hel - Jacqueline Carey

I spent a great deal of time in this book impatiently waiting for some anticipated event, something the character was planning, and finding myself less interested in the in between things that were happening in the interim.  


There've been a few things in the series that have grated on me.  The main character constantly saying, "gah," which I've never actually heard a person say out loud, other than Applejack in My Little Pony, and I'm not sure that counts.  Her mother calling her, "Daisy Baby," also bothered me.  I don't know any adult women whose mothers address them in that way.  I do with my four year old, or I might if her name was Daisy, but, well, she's four, while Daisy Johansen is twenty-four.  It rubs me the wrong way.  I can forgive Lurine for it, considering she is thousands of years old, but Daisy's mother doing it doesn't feel right.  Some of Stefan's dialogue feels unnatural to me and I can't quite "hear" it in my head.  I've never been quite sure how I felt about Casimir, because he feels so much like a massive stereotype, and I'm not sure he should really be addressed as a "he," at all.  It was never clear to me whether he was transgendered, in which case Casimir should be a "she," or simply a transvestite, like Eddie Izzard.


I still found the book mostly enjoyable.  The steamy parts were well done, not overly graphic, and fun.  She knows how to write a love story, and I think the way things ended with that was right.  I wasn't so sure about the main plot line, but when things all came to a head near the end of the book, I couldn't put it down and failed to even notice when people were trying to get my attention, so I have to count that in the author's favor. I really liked the way Daisy handled the conflict at the end.  It was just about perfect.  All the proverbial guns on the wall went off or were addressed in a way that provided good closure.  


So, overall, yes, there were things about the book that annoyed me, but for the most part I enjoyed it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for urban fantasy.