In a way, it's Shakespearean

To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie Willis

I had a lot of fun reading this one.  It did initially take some time for me to get into it.  The start was slow, although I did find the unreliable narration from the confused main character fairly amusing.  


By the time I was about twenty percent of the way through, I was thoroughly enjoying this.  The errors and mix-ups with the time travel, the wrong people falling in love, always at first sight, was all reminiscent of a Shakespearean comedy, and I really enjoy Shakespeare's comedies.  I'll take them over his tragedies, any day.


This was a light-hearted book, which I've started to prefer in between my heavier reads.  It's clever and fun, and of course, like Shakespeare's comedies, ends happily.  Near the end it started to drag for me a little bit, unfortunately, but I was happy with the conclusion, and delighted with the results of one agent's secret mission.  Despite the slowness in spots, the book put a smile on my face and I enjoyed myself quite a bit.