Juliet Marillier continues to blow me away

Tower of Thorns - Juliet Marillier

I raced through this book, and now I'm feeling melancholy, from the story and the fact that I don't have any more of it to read now.  


The characters in this series are so vivid and complex.  Blackthorn and Grim's backgrounds are so incredibly tragic, and it really does explain well who they are and they they act in the ways that they do.  They both seem so different, to me, from the main characters of any of her other books, which I also loved, but these characters are quite a bit darker.


The story of the tower of thorns felt so much like a dark fairy tale.  I loved every detail of it, which I don't want to spoil.  There is a curse, and a heart-breaking love story.  Anybody who has read this author before already knows that the latter there is her specialty, and the reason I can't get enough of her books.  The way things worked out felt right, but were also very sad.  


I had hoped to see a little bit more of Oran and Flidais, particularly at the end.  Also, I am very intrigued by Conmael, and while I enjoyed him when he was present in here, I wished I could see more of him.  I really want to know more about him, period.


I have a theory regarding the boy from Blackthorn's past.  That I will not share, in case I'm correct.  I am eager to find out if I am.