Good on character development

The Blood Mirror - Brent Weeks

I know there are many people who take the time to reread an entire series in preparation for the next installment. I am not a person who has that kind of time on my hands, so I am extremely grateful to the author for including a synopsis of events in the previous books at the beginning of this one. It was incredibly helpful.


I failed to notice that this was not the last book in the series. I had a few moments of thinking, "Wow, there are still a lot of unresolved things to deal with," up until around 80%, at which point I suspected it was not going to be possible to resolve everything. Had I checked the author's web site, I'd have known this wasn't the last book, but there ya go.


There was excellent character development in this book. Karris and Teia were the people I was the most interested in. Teia's situation continues to feel so frustratingly impossible. Karris handling her new position and having to continue to deal with Andross Guile was always fascinating, although every scene involving Andross Guile has always been fascinating. He is one of the most complicated characters I've seen anywhere.


I was less thrilled with Kip. I appreciated the development of his relationship with Tisis, whom I have grown to like. I feel Kip is really beginning to grow up, which is a good thing. Still, a lot of his sections dragged, and I thought some of his issues with Tisis began to feel a little bit repetitive. Some of that probably could have been edited out.


I'm not sure how to feel about Gavin Guile's chapters. I became frustrated with his unchanging situation. The entire previous book he was a prisoner, and as readers know, having read the earlier books, that's where he goes in this book as well. There were a number of massive revelations in his chapters that changed everything. At least one is a little bit difficult to wrap my brain around, to the extent that it feels like a retcon. But maybe as I let it marinate more I can get it to work for me in my head.


Overall, I enjoyed this. There's a lot less action in this book for most of the characters (not zero, just less), but a great deal more character development. That is a good thing. Although the story is still incomplete, I enjoyed the journey thus far, so I'm still hooked.