The Circle  - Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Mats Strandberg Some of the translation in this book was awkward, which I found a little bit off-putting. For the most part it was well done though.

I found the immaturity of some of the characters a little worrying initially as well. But I guess it isn't often that I read about teenagers acting like teenagers, with all the mood swings, melodrama, and self-importance that is pretty dead-on accurate.

There were some characters I had trouble liking, but others to whom I grew quite attached. I had hoped Ida, the mean girl, would develop a little more depth, but so far we don't get to see a lot there. Perhaps in the next book. I am also eager to see something come of the implied building lesbian relationship. There just aren't many main stream books that are willing to do that, so I was glad to see it, and also glad it isn't being rushed.