Naamah's Blessing - Jacqueline Carey I think I enjoyed this one the most out of this particular trilogy. Still not as good as the Kushiel's Legacy Trilogy (the one focusing on Imriel), but enjoyable anyhow. Most people like the first trilogy the best, but I thought Imriel was a much more interesting character, as he was so much more fallible and flawed than Moirin or Phedre.

At any rate, about this book. I gave it four stars because I enjoyed it. I do have criticism, though, and that criticism will mean spoilers.

First off, I was angry at King Daniel's suicide. Now, I realize that the entire plot regarding the need to protect Desiree would not have worked if he hadn't died. But it still pissed me off. I found the assumption that Thierry was dead without absolute confirmation just implausible. I thought he could've still sent Moirin and company to find out if Thierry lived and rescue him. And it just made me angry that the king would end his own life when he had responsibilities to his nation and to his daughter. It was selfish and cruel, and none of the characters blamed him for it, which made me even more angry about it.

I always loved Moirin's dynamic with Raphael. The love and hate in there is really compelling. You see so few fantasy novels that portray unhealthy romances like the one he and Moirin shared. I was disappointed with the way things ended for him. I wanted him to live. Particularly at the point when he promised to love and protect Desiree. I wanted him to survive and have to face up to the horrible things he'd done. Killing him off left things less interesting, in my mind.

I enjoyed the ending. It had a very long epilogue. Most of her books do, and I like this. I like having a lot of time to see what happens after the climax of the story. Overall, I found this series enjoyable and I recommend it. Start with Kushiel's Dart and read them in order, though!