The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters I had trouble putting this one down. I was drawn in right from the beginning to the plight of the Ayres family and the mystery of what the hell was going on in their house.

Initially I found the doctor's narration a little bit, well, bland. He didn't have a very strong personality like the other characters. Intended to be sort of an everyman, I figured. By the end, I think he may not have been a reliable narrator. He was acting sorta nuts near the end. I saw Caroline breaking off the engagement coming from a mile away. Honestly, from the beginning of their courtship I saw a rather controlling man pursuing a pretty disinterested woman. And then he really seemed to reveal his true colors when she broke off the engagement.

I was shocked that no one suspected foul play with regard to her suicide. I don't know if this is just evidence of the change of times, because noawadays, a jilted ex fiance would be highly suspect in a mysterious death like her own. On the other hand, a depressed person suddenly cheering up while getting rid of all their belongings is an absolute warning sign that a person plans to commit suicide.

I have no idea, in the end. Was Faraday the "little stranger" behind all of the suffering the family endured? I can't say for sure.