The Heroes - Joe Abercrombie This didn't grab me as much as his last book, Best Served Cold. I didn't get as strong an attachment to the characters, either. And there was a strong lack of female characters. Of course, the setup for this plot didn't really leave room for many females. I did still enjoy it, and I did still find some of the characters likable (and frankly, you're not SUPPOSED to like a lot of them). I recommend reading the trilogy first, and then Best Served Cold, before getting into this one. Although it can stand alone, I think you lose a lot if you're not already familiar with the setting and certain recurring characters.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It had a twist or two that I predicted, but several that managed to surprise me. I do hope he eventually writes a book in which Bayaz finally gets what he deserves, though. I want to see his downfall.