This book was great fun to read

The Rook  - Daniel O'Malley

I loved pretty much every moment of this book, and it's not even my preferred genre.  The opening sentence alone enticed me to purchase it. "Dear you, the body you are wearing used to be mine."  I just had to read it and know what it was about.  Any struggling indie authors out there, this is how you write an opening sentence that grabs the reader and pulls them in.


There are concepts in this book that I've seen done before, but this author managed to introduce them in creative and interesting ways.  There are lots of amnesia stories out there, certainly, but none quite like this one.  A secretive organization comprised of individuals with supernatural powers?  The Necroscope series comes to mind, and that's another fun series, but this one stands apart.  The powers possessed by various characters were never the stereotypical ones that one might imagine.  For instance, one (or, er, four?) of the characters I found the most interesting was Gestalt.  This is a group of four siblings, who all share one mind.  One person, four bodies.  I couldn't get tired of reading about that character.


The format of the book goes back and forth between letters from the main character, before losing her memory, and the present main character.  Occasionally, when chapters end in cliff hangers, this can be frustrating.  The writing style was clever and often humorous enough to have me laughing out loud, reading sentences out loud to the people around me, who as a result are all likely to be reading this book in the near future.


Most of the plot developments came as surprises to me.  There were, admittedly, a couple of things that could have been done differently that would have made it moreso, but in the interest of not providing massive spoilers, that's all I will say on the matter.  My overall verdict is incredibly happy with this book, and incredibly eager to read the next installment as soon as it becomes available.