Oh, what I'd give to play D&D with this author...

The Bonehunters - Steven Erikson

It's a bit of a struggle figuring out what to say that I haven't already said about the previous volumes.  I am loving the story.  Each book brings about events that change so much, and it rarely plays out the way I'm expecting.  And I think it's not easy to manage to surprise one's readers.  I'm finding more moments of levity in this one, as well, which is definitely necessary, with such a brutal story.


There is such a large cast of characters, and I am very attached to so many of them, which makes me a little bit anxious as I read, too.  The only downside to so many characters is that it really divides the "screen time" unevenly, so some don't get a lot of time in the spotlight for me to get to know them.  I was a little disappointed there was so little of Trull and Onrack.  I was excited to see them listed in the Dramatis Personae, and sad that they only appeared in the last third of the book or so.  For the most part, this story isn't about them.  That said, I still enjoyed following the other characters, and particularly, coming to a stronger understanding of Tavore Paran.  


I admit I'm still failing to understand the appeal of Karsa Orlong.  If something bad happens to him at some point, I don't think I'd be saddened.  I'm sorry, to those of you who like him.  Perhaps you could explain it to me.


There were fewer distracting sentence fragments than there were in the previous book.  I think the author's writing is really improving from one book to the next.